Welcome to the NHK!

29 02 2012

The number one Anime series on my list. This series is very life changing because it deals with real life situation that each and everyone of us are involve. I found this series when I was so down and depress and Welcome to the N.H.K gives me a lot of reason to live and go on with life. It’s a collection of negative and positive events in life that most people can relate with.

Satou Tatsuhiro, 22 years old, thinks that everything that happens around him is a conspiracy. He even figured out who is behind it all: The NHK, an evil secret company. “When you think anime, you think otaku. When you think otaku, you think people that dislike other people. Those people become hikikomori (people who shut themselves in)”. So Satou manages to uncover the plot of The NHK (stands for Nihon Hikikomori Kyokai), after three years of shutting himself in (and rapidly approaching the fourth). In reality, he is nothing more than a NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training), desperately in need of a cure from that “disease”. He wants to break out from the curse, but going out and getting a job is frightening enough for him. That is until he gets selected for a “project”; it is a plan to help hikikomori like him in facing the reality of this world.

Without even thinking you should watch this Anime series. Every one of us knows that life is always cruel and unfair but there’s always a rainbow after the rain. This series contains humor, romance and life changing events that will surely hit your thoughts and somehow related to your personal life. Welcome to the N.H.K is seriously worth watching and re-watching over and over again.