27 01 2012

Enter The Dollars

Honestly, it’s the OST that first got my attention, other than that, it’s the artwork. I never really thought that Durarara! Would fall under the “Mystery” category, since i had considered it as action or suspence, given how it mentioned gangs. I just didn’t think I’d find myself drawn to it with each episode I watched.

In Ikebukuro,  an urban legend stands out among the many gang stories and strange rumors, The Headless Black Rider.

Mikado has always wanted to experience the thrill and excitement of living in a city like Ikebukuro, and he got his chance to go for it when he recieve an invitation from his childhood bestfriend Masaomi. Upon having seen the famed “Headless Black Rider” on his first day in the city, it would appear as if his wish has already been granted, but there’s more to it than meets the eye for like most individuals like himself, alongside a handful of suspicious characters, the inhabitants of Ikebukuro are thrown into a commotion that has been slowly yet surely breaking out into the city.

Two things you must remember when going to Ikebukuro, beware of the Headless Black Rider and specialy the guy who wears Bartender clothes.


Durarara! Is a series not too many may appreaciate so soon, especially in the first few episodes where the pacing seems slow and lacking. However, as the story progresses, you’ll find that it’s worth the wait, for it has a lot of twist and mysteries to offer that will leave you surprised and guessing.


Kuuchuu Buranko

26 01 2012

Irashai – Welcome!!

There are some things in this world that are out of our comprehension, which is why these out of the ordinary “routines” can be considered weird to those who have been living normally. A good example would be the Psychiatrist named Irabu Ichiro.

Doctor Ichiro seems to have patients who end up being perplexed from his weird and eccentric tendencies. When eleven people went to visit him in hopes of finding a sympathetic doctor, they are shocked to discover Doctor Ichiro to be someone who has childish features and has zero sympathy. He apparently suggest drastic and questionable treatments, and rather than having his patients undergo counseling, he would much rather do a background check of their personality. Despite the “counseling” he gives, his patients find amusement in it and find that the treatments do work.


It’s honestly a refreshing title or series to watch, since it involves psychiatric treatment and what’s more, it’s not the type of medical consultation that were used to seeing of hearing about from others. All I can say is, without having to give out spoilers, that it’s one series that I’d want to watch again when I get free time, by the way it has some wierd animation too so don’t be surprice. This Anime series consisted of 11 episode is worth watching.

Usagi Drop Episode 9

17 01 2012

It’s 3:00 am in the morning in my time and I can’t sleep because I’ve been playing games a while ago and well I decided to watch Usagi Drop and I’m on episode 9 because its been months since I last watch Usagi Drop because I been busy in my work and now is a very good chance to watch it and there you go I did it 🙂 . To start things up, Usagi Drop is a very Refreshing Anime series, because it’s all about what I imagine with my future. I’m dead serious back then to adopt a child and take care and raise her to be my daughter and yea I want to adopt a girl. But my mom don’t want me to do that and consider me crazy by thinking all sorts of things like that in the age of 20.

Basically I’m like  daikichi and so many ways. I can’t tell much about episode 9, to sum everything up, It was good and damn refreshing that I can sleep after writing this post.

and yes Rin is so adorable 🙂 the last thing you ever want to see before you sleep 🙂

Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 1

13 01 2012

“They say those who die go to heaven. I don’t think so. I think when we die, we go to live in someone else’s heart. We live on their memories”

Those are the words that catches my inner thought’s when I started watching this Anime 🙂


When a group of friends decide to make a movie over a long summer holiday, they end up learning a little about filmmaking and a lot more about each other and themselves. What begins as a simple way to avoid the summer doldrums quickly turns into something much more complex, intimate and revealing, as the maturing relationships between the members of the young cast take on new, and sometimes very unexpected, turns.  (Source: Sentai Filmworks)

Episode 1 : You Shouldn’t Do That

Ok ikkouse 🙂 I watch this Anime in the first place because it has the same staff and director as Ano Hana. I love Ano Hana a wonderful Anime in the past season that made me cry so hard >.< .  Watching only the first scene of the first episode of this Anime catches my interest and I think its worth spending time and I will definitely watch this Anime even  with my busy schedule 🙂 . Every character in this series that has traits that I already saw in other Anime series and that’s the only thing that makes everything typical but what if these different types of people and their different characteristics are mix with and alien character that came out of no where and holds a lot of mystery, Well sounds typical right but I will definitely catch your attention just give it a shot and your totally in to it. One more thing that makes me really wanna watch this series is that the characters are on a movie or film club I’m not sure of it but it looks like they are making a movie. Not to mention there is a cute alien on this series that looks like  a pokemon lol I love that 🙂 . I guess that’s all I can say, its always up to you guys if you want to watch this 🙂 as for me , I totally recommend this Anime and I’m gonna watch this till the END. I hope it makes me cry again even if the genre is comedy and romance lol, Oh yes those tears of fulfillment. Another great Anime this season.

Daily Lives of High School Boys Episode 1

12 01 2012

Another promising Anime of winter 2012 season


The original gag comedy manga follows the humorous yet “realistic” everyday life of Tadakuni, Hidenori, Yoshitake, and other students at a boys’ high school.

Actually I didn’t read the description of this Anime series, I just pick it up randomly at animetake and I thought its about delinquent High School Boys and their daily lives. So then after downloading and having a glimpse of the first scene, It makes me say ” what the hell” lol I heard Gintoki’s  voice from Gintama and there you go gags spill all over the scenery. I love this Anime now lol, really I’m gonna look after this every week and I’m hoping its a long running series 🙂

After Watching Another

11 01 2012

Ok for my first ever post here on my blog , its all about the new anime  series in this 2012 season. Ok to begin with here’s the synopsis of the anime series Another.

26 years ago, in a third-year classroom of a middle school, there was a student named Misaki. As an honors student who was also good at sports, the charming girl was popular with her classmates. When she suddenly died, her classmates decided to carry on as if she was still alive until graduation. Then, in the spring of 1998, a boy named Sakakibara Kouichi transfers to that classroom, and he grows suspicious of the fearful atmosphere in that classroom. In particular, there is a beautiful, aloof girl named Mei Misaki who wears an eyepatch and is always alone drawing pictures.

Episode 1 : Rough Sketch

As you can see this is horror mystery series and that’s why it catches my inner attention and started watching it this day. The story is all about a mysterious girl name Mei Misaki which creeps me out specially when Kouichi saw her, Ok I don’t want to spoil you here guys but Kouichi is the transfer student that recently moved out from Tokyo due to his father’s job.  It looks creepy so I watched it early this morning and I’m right about it, Ok lets proceed to the first episode titled “Rough Sketch”  its the beginning and saw a lot of mystery around like hidden story and secrets of each of the characters and that particular class where Kouichi is in are hiding something and that makes me wanna watch it more. Basically this series hooked me up again , regardless of my busy schedule at work. There’s a lot more things to find out with this anime so lets watch the upcoming episodes and I will sure give my insight on every episode if I’m not busy.